Being New at Something

So often, I tend to get stuck in my routines and habits, that I honestly forget I am capable of trying something new. Trying something new, takes bravery and the understanding that you’re probably going to be very bad at it at first, which is ok. This is where we begin to grow and evolve again.


No one ever

-writes a good book in their first try.

-runs their best mile time before training.

-hits a PR in the gym with a lift that’s new.

-holds a fluent conversation during the start of their language-learning journey.


The point is that being new at something can be scary, uncomfortable, and overwhelming. It can also bring forth feelings of joy, pride, and resilience. You have to keep digging before you will see your results. Don’t give up while things are hard; keep going so you can reap your rewards.


We often urge our children to try new things all the time,  but don’t often remember how scary this can be ourselves. The next time you challenge your child or student to try a new sport, activity, or study strategy, ask yourself what is something new you can also try? Doing something new with someone else is better than venturing off alone.


What is something new you are going to be brave enough to try this month?

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